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05 November 2016

Suwannee Hulaween Day Three

Once awaking, we got ready for our final day in the most gorgeous place on Earth. It was a bittersweet moment. We fully realized that we had a full day of spectacles ahead of us, but it also meant that Hulaween was coming to a close. You go into music festivals thinking that it’ll be this long weekend chock full of art and music and memories, but it goes by so much faster than you could have ever thought possible. Regardless, we faced the day with the mentality to make it one of the best of our lives. After we got ready, we headed inside to the first of the last sets we’d see that weekend.

We went back to the amphitheater at 4:15 to see the California reggae band, Rebelution. This is a band I’ve seen countless times and they are very close to my heart. Having the chance to see them in such a consummate environment was flawless. After singing every word to the entirety of Rebelution’s set, we went to see Illenium at the Spirit Lake stage at 5:15PM. Illenium is a DJ who plays a plethora of different styles and melds them in a way that takes you on a musical roller coaster. It’s reminiscent of a Zeds Dead set. The DJ was a perfect opener for the next act at Spirit Lake, What So Not. After Australian artist Flume’s departure from the group, Chris Emerson (formerly Emoh Instead) took on the What So Not persona and has continually grown as an electronic music producer. What So Not’s set made all the waves at Hulaween that his new EP, Divide & Conquer, has in the electronic music community. Alas, the sets that early only last one hour and it was soon time to catch a little of the Claypool Lennon Delirium at 7:15PM.

Walking to the amphitheater, you could hear the Primus front man’s signature bass style pounding from the stage. The combination of Les Claypool’s Primus style with Sean Lennon’s influence from his father (Joh Lennon of the Beatles) makes a psychedelically eerie sound. It was a band I’d been looking forward to seeing since their conception. We went to see Louis the Child at the Patch after catching some of the Claypool Lennon Delirium. Louis the Child played a pretty down tempo set until, surprisingly, they amped it up when they payed their respects to What So Not by playing the title track off his new EP. They kept up with the heavy sound until they closed with their most popular song, “It’s Strange.” After Louis the Child, it was time to see the final set of the weekend on the mainstage.

Big Gigantic ft. the Motet came on full force with white suits, lights and a giant screen with visuals to match the huge entrance. Their set included classic Big G songs and a lot of their new stuff, including their new collaboration with Logic. They also payed tribute to the King of Pop by playing “Thriller” to fit the Halloween weekend. The stage setup was beyond anything I could have ever thought possible. Production value for the entire weekend was impeccable. The way that every visual corresponds to the music the artists play is utterly mind blowing. There has always been art and there has always music. We’re lucky enough to live in a point in time when we can go to music and art festivals where the two are fused into a single prodigious performance piece. Artistry has evolved into a more all-encompassing experience and Hulaween was an example of the direction that art is heading. Overall, Hulaween was a truly bewitching experience and I’m grateful to iHeartRadio for allowing me to provide media coverage for them. I cannot wait to return to Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park once more. Until next year.


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