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30 May 2013


Well, first allow me to welcome you all to SynchroniCity! I’m glad you have had a chance to look around a bit! I will talk more about site specifics a little later, but I wanted to get a blog out to fully explain just what is going on here.

Growing up, I always had a major fascination with radio. From calling in and requesting songs on an AM station, to taping some of the 80s hottest, like “Winds of Change” and “Paradise City” to play DJ in my room, to actually helping cover my high school’s football games for said AM station. Radio has always been in my life in some fashion. Playing in bands since the later years of high school allowed me the chance to see the music business from the inside, and just how tough it is. About 7 years ago, my band at the time, The Kellys, was receiving some airplay on podcasts from all over the world. So, naturally, when I fully realized the power of a podcast in early 2007, I decided it was high time to give it a shot. Rukus Radio was born with a series of 6.5 podcasts (the first was rushed and cut short in order to launch before Vexfest). Also in 2007 was the first of three music and arts festivals, Rukus – the Festival. Enter Trevor, with a complete arsenal of internet streaming mind bullets. We met because Trevor was taping a lot of Vexfest that year, and I asked him to do the same for Rukus Fest. “Podcast… blah, blah blah, Streaming station… blah, blah, burp, blah…” Rukus Radio’s online stream is born and runs for nearly two years straight. Hiatus. Birth of SynchroniCity in Rukus Radio’s Ning Network. Crazy interviews… blah, blah, blah… amazing recordings and live broadcasts… blah, blah, blah..festys,..Rust Belt Brewery’s Liquid Lunch burp, bur, blah…for another 3 or so years. Toss in some cross-country relocation and end up with the birth of iHateRadio!

iHateRadio’s sole purpose is to celebrate and support the art of independent broadcasting, while maintaining an allegiance to the underground, unsigned, and independent artists of the world. It’s that simple. We have helped multiple broadcasters start 24/7 streaming stations that also celebrate these things. We’re so proud to see this art really developing and growing, and are happy to help bring it all together!

iHateRadio is a smartphone application. It is a website. It is a radio station. It is many radio stations. It is a detest for the musical spoon-feeding of corporate radio. iHateRadio is ever-evolving, in step with the advancement of technology, and will always remain free to use. In the future, you may see premium versions of things, or special recordings. But you will always receive great value for little investment. And it will always go back into allowing us to continue this drive.

How can you help? Please sign up and enjoy the community, make a profile and get featured, promote whatever you like (within reason… no porn, please), invite your friends, tell your favourite bands, sign up for the street team, write blogs that, if we dig, we’ll feature on the main page… be a hater and spread the hate! 🙂

Thank you all so much, I hope you enjoy our baby! Remember, the more everyone contributes, the better the network will become!


P.S. – We really do LOVE radio, and need your help to keep it alive!

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