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29 November 2016

iHateRadio Gets Funkier with the addition of Vulfpeck


Vulfpeck started blowing up our news feeds a little more than a year ago, probably following their performance on The Colbert Report, and we finally got to see them at Fool’s Paradise in St. Augustine in April. We immediately fell in love with their unique brand of minimalist, vintage funk, and haven’t stopped jamming it since! The Vulf has seeped its way into our personal daily listening habits, and we’re honored to finally bring them to the iHateRadio roster of Independent Artists. beautifulgame

We’re adding their newest album, The Beautiful Game, to the library today, and will be adding selections from the rest of their discography soon. Be sure to keep tabs on Vulfpeck at

Check out the Colbert Report performance of 1612 that spawned the mass Vulfery that has swept the globe:

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