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27 April 2015
iHateRadio, Consider the Source, Gabriel Marin, Gabe-poster, Some Kind of Jam


iHateRadio, Consider the Source, Knitebitch, Consider the Source imposter, Some Kind of Jam

Lou from Knitebitch – The Gabe-poster. Photo courtesy of the Consider the Source Facebook Page

This past weekend at Jibberjazz ProductionsSome Kind of Jam in Schuylkill Haven, PA, Consider the Source caught wind of a Gabriel Marin lookalike, wielding double Jackson guitars, complete with Egyptian cap and sunglasses. After a post to their Facebook page blew up, the comments section came to shed some further light on the matter.

The Gabe-poster turned out to be the guitarist of Pennsylvania-based band Knitebitch. The comments section told us his name is Lou (or Uncle Lou, to some), however when we took a look at Knitebitch‘s bio, no definitive judgement could be made on which one of listed members Candy Ass, Horseradish, Jack Mama or Thunderlips, he was. We dug in to find out a little bit more about Knitebitch, and ended up rocking through some of their Mantrabash 2014 set, complete with a cover of David Bowie’s “The Magic Dance” from Labrynth, and the playground classic “Diarrhea.” With original songs with titles in the vein of things like “Peeing in the Neighbor’s Pool,” “Eat My Ass for Thanksgiving,” and “Pube Sandwich,” you can only begin to imagine what their shows must be like!

iHateRadio, Consider the Source, Gabriel Marin, Gabe-poster, Some Kind of Jam

Gabriel Marin finds his imposter, Lou, at Some Kind of Jam 2015 – Photo courtesy of Kris Reznik

At some point throughout the weekend, Gabriel and Uncle Lou had a rendezvous, and finally met face-to-face. We’re not quite sure exactly how that meeting went, but here’s to hoping Lou gets down on some of the CtS Instructional Videos to become an officially licensed face melting practitioner.

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